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Property Investors, GB
Olympians, Authors &
Workplace Performance
Coaches Steve Backley OBE
and Roger Black MBE

Steve Backley & Roger Black


At this webinar, discover consistent ways to generate passive income:

  • Specialise in buy-to-let, houses of multiple occupancy, property auctions and other strategies
  • Raise capital, taxes, mortgages, deposits and cash flow – take advantage of today's lowest ever 0.25% interest rate!
  • Invest remotely if you're in lockdown, or the best investment properties aren't close to your home
  • Get estate agents on your side and spot the best property priced 20% below market-value
  • Acquire the mindset of the professional investor

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  • "Like professional sport, successful property investment comes from three things: Good skills, good knowledge and a good attitude. Perform in Property can help you deliver all of these goals and more."
    Steve Backley & Roger Black
  • "I knew my athletics career wouldn't last forever so I'm grateful my father encouraged me to invest in 'bricks and mortar' early on. I now have 16 units; typically small and easy to rent properties so although sport has been my passion, property is my financial security"
    Steve Backley

We Weren't Alone In Being Impressed

Here's What Other Asset Academy® Students Have To Say

  • "I would say the biggest success so far is, we have purchased 2 Buy-To-Lets, 3 HMOs, we have not quite reached financial freedom yet and we know we are well towards it. If we told ourselves two years ago that we will be in this position, where we would have 5 properties as well as our own home, we would not have believed it."
    Ursula & Mike
  • "Our biggest success so far is securing 4 Angel investors before even having our first property. This is our best success ever."
  • "What we have done in the last 2 and half years since the training, we have managed to buy 33 properties. We want to have enough properties to not only support our lifestyle, but also to give back to charity."
  • "We've implemented serviced accommodation, we have scaled up from the building blocks we have put in place. The Buy-To-Let research and HMO research, local market research on potential market growth have helped us figure out where the potentials may be."
Steve in the olympics

Steve Backley OBE, was regarded as one of Great Britain's most consistent and popular athletes and ranked as one of the best in the world every year from 1984 to 2004. Today, he applies the same strategies, skills and mindset to business and investing because he is certain, “With the right skills, knowledge and tools, anyone can create the life they've always dreamed of.”

"I made mistakes when I first started out as a property investor. Frustratingly, these were expensive and could have been avoided, had I been taught the correct knowledge and tools. Perform in Property can teach you tried and tested investment techniques and provide you with the right skills to take control of your future and help you live the life you always dreamed of." Steve Backley

Roger in the olympics

Roger Black MBE has won 15 major championship medals and an Olympic silver medal during the course of his athletics career. He understands the dynamics of becoming a champion — how to dream a dream, set goals and take the necessary steps to fulfilling one's potential. This is a skill that can be applied to any goal, including property investing but only if, Roger says, “You really understand what you want and why you want it.”

"Really understanding 'What you want' and 'Why you want it' are integral to success. Perform in Property will help you to design these and then go on to fulfil them in a way that is right for you and your property investment path." Roger Black